AthleticFoodie™ Ambassadors

World-class athletes (many of them World & American record holders) training and representing the USA on the highest levels of athletic competition. Like us, they believe in the power of food as fuel, and eat AthleticFoodie snacks to help them get the most out of their workouts and competitions!

Jessica Hardy

  • US Olympic Team Member, 2012
  • 28 International Medals: 14 G, 9 S, 5 B
  • 12-time World Record Holder
  • 3-time American Record Holder
  • Training for the 2016 Olympics in Rio

I am a huge advocate for clean, natural eating, and have found AthleticFoodie snacks to leave me deeply satisfied. I love the fact that AthleticFoodie understands what it takes to fuel an elite athlete, their products have been a great addition to my training!

Michael McBroom

  • Four-time World Championship Team Member
  • Two-time American Record Holder
  • NCAA Champion, 1650 freestyle
  • 2013 World Championship Silver Medalist
  • Training for the 2016 Olympics in Rio

I trust my performance to AthleticFoodie because there is nothing better for us than food to fuel our body. AthleticFoodie's desire to support athletes, in the pursuit of their dreams, really shows that they understand competitive athletes and what they need. There is no other company like AthleticFoodie!

Cammile Adams

  • US Olympic Team Member, 2012
  • Two-time World Championship Team Member
  • 2015 World Championship Silver Medalist
  • Two-time NCAA Champion, 200 butterfly
  • Training for the 2016 Olympic in Rio

I use and trust AthleticFoodie because it fuels my body in a way other snacks can’t. Finding a great snack pre/during/post workout has been something I’ve always struggled with, and AthleticFoodie has created an amazing product that not only fuels my body but tastes great!

Elizabeth Beisel

  • US Olympic Team Member, 2008 & 2012
  • Nine International Medals: 5 G, 1 S, 3 B
  • Three-time NCAA Champion
  • 400 IM World Champion in 2011
  • Training for the 2016 Olympics in Rio

I love the fact that AthleticFoodie snacks are all natural and healthy, which allows me to enjoy the taste of them and allows my body to enjoy the benefits they provide. If you aren’t using AthleticFoodie snacks to fuel for practice or racing, you aren’t giving your body the healthy fuel it needs.

Matt Grevers

  • US Olympic Team Member, 2008 & 2012
  • Six Olympic Medals: 4G, 2S
  • Four-time NCAA Champion
  • Five-time World Record Holder
  • Seven-time American Record Holder
  • Training for the 2016 Olympics in Rio

I trust AthleticFoodie snacks as fuel because they were formulated by a team of people who understand an athlete's needs. Having a world-class athlete behind the company also gives it extra credibility -- Garrett Weber-Gale knows how grueling training and racing can be. Garrett’s expectations were high in the pool, and I know he has the same lofty expectations for the quality of AF products.

Anthony Ervin

  • US Olympic Team Member, 2000 & 2012
  • Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Four-time NCAA Champion
  • Three-time World Champion
  • World & American Record Holder
  • Training for the 2016 Olympics in Rio

Getting the proper nutrition in a specific and timely manner is incredibly important to me as a professional athlete, and being that I am concerned by my overall health, I need to be aware of what exactly I put in my body. AthleticFoodie was designed to take care of both fronts: food for before, during, and after workouts; as well as being preservative-free natural foods. And as a bonus, they all taste great!

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