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Garrett Weber-Gale

Founder & Olympic Gold Medalist

My Olympic success was made possible by eating the right fuel, which helped prepare my body to perform at American & World Record speeds. I founded AthleticFoodie so that every athlete has easy access to the proper sports nutrition. Our goal is to help athletes unlock their true power and potential. Plus, we like making parent’s lives easier too!

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Apple Zapple

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They are the perfect snack when I go straight from the weight room to the pool and need some fuel to get me through workout.
–Karlee B.
I couldn’t believe something that good for me could taste THAT good! A great option to fuel my body the RIGHT way before and after working out.
–Michael K.
AthleticFoodie snacks are such a refreshing change to the usual bars and protein shakes available. I love that there is now a snack with real fruit that I can enjoy to refuel after a race. They taste great!
–Austin S.
I felt so fresh in my 200IM, where I would normally have felt my previous swim. Really excited to keep using your fuel.
–Grant R.
Great product. I love it. Much better than bars.
–Jack R.
Your snacks are great! Keep up the good stuff!!
–Anthony E.
I love them. They’re so yummy.
–Megan R.


My son used your products for his first meet and beat all his times!
–Kyle S.
My kids really like these snacks. Easy for me too. My kids both went a few PB’s in their first meet.
–Marc S.
What a high quality product. She is already tearing through the box.
–Sandra R.
We are loving the fruit chews and granolas!
Monica E.
We love all the snacks!!
–Ronda E.
AthleticFoodie snacks are great for before swim practice, they’re so easy to give my son.
–Marie C.


They ate em up.
–Dave S.
The guys like everything. They ate them and had great nights individually and on relays.
–Neil C.
The guys love them, think they help. Want more.
–Eddie R.
Choose your snacks


How do I know these snacks are right for my athlete?

Each of our snacks is carefully designed by our sports nutrition team to give athletes the right profile of nutrients, at the right times, to help their body perform at its best.

When do my snacks ship to me?

We ship snacks out once per month, currently in the fourth week of the month. You can expect to receive your shipment within three to five business days after shipment is made.

My athlete can be a picky eater, how do I know if they will like these snacks?

We are very sensitive to the flavor and texture requirements of young athletes, which is why we have spent a lot of time working with young athletes and kids to make sure they like our snacks before we ever ship them. We recommend you order the variety box for the first month so you get to try all of our snacks!

How should we best use these snacks so we get the biggest performance benefit?

Each snack is individually labeled for when you should eat it. Follow the directions on the outside of the package. Each snack is one serving, that is portioned to be eaten in its entirety.

Will you come out with more snacks?

Yes! We are in the process of developing additional varieties of AthleticFoodie snacks so that you and your athletes have even more variety.

When will I be billed for my snacks?

Your card will be billed immediately upon making your first transaction. Each month you will be billed for your monthly subscription on the 8th of the month, unless you ordered within 10 days of that rebilling date. If you order within 10 days of the rebilling date, you will not be billed again until the following month's rebilling date, on the 8th of the month. You can change your order, postpone it, or cancel it at any time.

What if I'm allergic to nuts or gluten?

Currently all of our snacks are produced in a facility that also works with peanuts, tree nuts, and gluten. We are working to be able to accommodate these allergies in the future.

Am I locking myself into any sort of contract when I sign up?

No way! There are no contracts here. You have the ability to change, postpone, or cancel your order at any time. We respect your decision either way, our only goal is to contribute and serve you to the best of our abilities.

What if I have questions about my snacks, or my athlete's nutrition?

Feel free to email or call us at any time. We are here to serve you, and will do whatever we can to positively contribute to the success of you and your athletes. You do us a great favor by allowing us to take part on your journey.

Choose your snacks